BioMech Catalyst


Join Daniel and the resistance against the Neumann corporation and take control of the bio-mechincal ship Catalyst that can resynthesize the ability of defeated bosses using their DNA. Each boss is a unique bio-mechanical animal modified for military purposes by the Naumann corporation for overthrowing the United Earth Nation government.


BioMech Catalyst is a 2D horizontal shoot ’em up (SHMUP) that want to explore the idea if a shoot ’em up where made for console audiences instead of arcade.

  • Explore 13 unique stages
  • Defeat 8 unique bio-mechnical animals and collect their DNA to obtain special weapons
  • Collect permanant power-up hidden in stages that enhance your basic beam
  • 2D pixel art in a Super Nintendo style
  • CD quality music using the Korg Kronos music workstation

Developed with our own in-house engine c0ld.

No exact platforms for the moment but it will be available on Windows and Steam Deck and we wish to release it on current-gen consoles if possible.

Development state

The game is currently in is very early stages. This is a solo development effort done by a programmer who will need to learn pixel art and improve his music skills, hence the no screenshot and art so far.

Currently on pause due to part-time contract commitments.

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